Wednesday, August 30, 2017


Monday, August 28 would have been 
Tasha Tudor's 102nd birthday.  She passed
away on June 18, 2008 just short of her
93rd birthday.  I am in a Facebook group
called "Take Peace" which celebrates
her all the time. 

In honor of Tasha, I have set a tea 
table upon the deck overlooking the
 back yard.  I am sure the thing I admire
 the most about Tasha
was her gardening skills
which I know has influenced
my love for gardening.

On Monday, I attended a special luncheon
given by Karen Mertens who is in the
"Take Peace" Tasha Tudor Facebook
group I participate in and it was a lovely
luncheon with tea and also a birthday cake
for Tasha - yes we sang Happy Birthday!

I first posted on this blog about Tasha 
back in 2009.  I already knew about her after
seeing an  1989 article in Country Home
 Magazine.  I remember when books came out
 in the early 90's "about her
  personally" and how everyone wanted to
read about this unique and creative
lady who handmade just about everything!
Since I sold the books in my shop, we
would just stand around and talk about her.

I had an employee years ago who
 moved to Washington State and retired
 there.   She joked that in her retirement she
 was going to become "Tasha Tudor"
 and of course
it was funny because she was not
 going to be doing that at all.

These books about her life are probably my favorites:

I am also sharing some tea cozies I

made for myself out of old vintage crochet
and linens.  I have had fun "figuring" this out
and it took me till the 3rd one to really
understand without a pattern. I have always
preferred these that draw up around the
teapot rather than the dome type that 
just sit over the teapot. 

 Have you
 ever noticed that there were so many different
shapes and sizes of teapots?  I do think that
 6 cup teapots are the most common size.  
Did you know that the term "cup" when 
referring to how many cups a teapot 
holds, is just measured by 6 oz - not 8 oz.
That's because a teacup is around 6 oz.
A 6 cup teapot would hold 36 ozs.

In honor of this celebration of
Tasha Tudor I am going to give
away this decoupaged clipboard in a
drawing September 7th.  If you are interested,
say so in your comment.  It would make
a lovely fall decoration. The artwork on 
this one is from "A Time to Keep" - November.
(due to shipping cost - drawing
 to USA and Canada)

Well, I hope you can join my "Tea In The Garden"
celebration today by sharing any post about tea
here at the bottom. (it doesn't have to be about
Tasha Tudor).  I will be taking a break from
this linky party next week September 6th!

I am sharing at:
Tuesday Cuppa Tea


[email protected] Kitty's Kozy Kitchen said...

What a lovely tea to celebrated Tasha Tudor's birthday, Bernideen. I love your pretty bouquet and your tea cozies. I really need to make some of those! I've made some for gifts, but I love your crocheted pieces and linens that you use. Yes please, I'd love a chance at your pretty decoupaged piece. Thank you for hosting your gentle party, my friend.

Curtains in My Tree said...

I enjoy all your knowledge about the lady and her flower beds etc.
I absolutely love your tea cozies and love the fabric you used.
Your little special tables always look magazine ready I'm surprised you haven't been approached yet by some shabby chic magazine to do an article on your house and surroundings

Deanna Rabe said...

What a lovely post about Tasha, Bernideen.

Your tea is very nice, and I have a few books about Tasha and I've read a few more from the library. She was a unique person. Her life a good reminder that we can step off the crazy ride that our lives can become and make different choices for how we want to live.

Stephanie said...

My dear Bernideen, it was such a joy to visit with you today. Your photos took my breath away and what a lovely way to honor this beautiful woman.

Hugs to you!

Joy said...

Your tea table is lovely, the vintage table linens make it very special. And I love the tea cozy with the "crinoline ladies". I don't particularly need a clipboard but I'm sure someone will win and treasure it.

The Victorian Girl said...

I so enjoyed your celebration of Tasha Tudor! I was fortunate enough to tour her home several years ago. Your tea cozies are precious, especially the one with embroidered ladies. I collect pretty linens too, so I'm going to make one soon. Please enter me in your giveaway. I have the book pictured on the clipboard, so it would be fun to have it too. [email protected]

[email protected] Rose Chintz Cottage said...

What a splendid tea in celebration of Tasha Tudor! She was a unique lady who brought her gifts to the world. Your posies are lovely and I especially love the tea cozy with the ladies on it. You are so creative, Bernideen! Thank you for hosting your special tea.


Karen said...

Hi Bernideen,
I searched and searched and couldn't find my A is for Annabelle Alphabet book by Tasha Tudor. It will turn up when I don't need it. Lol. I love your tea cozy creations. I actually saw them on facebook and was so impressed. The crocheted one and crinoline lady one are just lovely. We chose the same Tuscan teacup I think today. I didn't check your blog before doing mine honestly. Lol. Thank you for encouraging me to have fun by having this Tasha Tudor Celebration for Tea in the Garden. Blessings, Karen

Snap said...

What a fun party for Tasha Tudor! She would have loved your tea cozy made from vintage linens .. wonderful! Happy Tea Day

Louca por porcelana said...

Thanks for hosting that special party,so interesting for me.Love your crocheted vintage piece and linens.Beautiful garden furniture too.Also love your floral bouquet.Beautiful giveaway but here is too far from you...Hugs!

Grantham Lynn said...

What a fun party. I am writing my post but came over to see yours. HeHe.
I would love to win. Please sing me up.
I'll be linking soon!

Margie said...

What a great tribute to Tasha Tudor! I'm admiring the pretty tea cozies that you made. Great job! Thank you for hosting and enjoy your blogging break.

Marilyn Miller said...

Nice Tasha Tudor post. I was most fortunate to meet Tasha right before she was to turn 90 years. What a special treat. I have several books, some signed, and love the ones you shared here. She definitely was a unique lady.

Angela Bryan said...

Hi Bernice's,
This is the first time I have been on your blog. I hopped over here to see your Tasha Tudor tea. I am a big fan of her artwork. Thanks for sharing. I would love to be in the drawing. Blessings, Angie

At Rivercrest Cottage said...

Very interesting post. I'm now interested in learning more about this lady and her world. Your tea cozies turned out lovely and learning about the measurements of a teapot made this one great post!

Jean | said...

Bernideen, how could anyone not love Tasha Tudor! I love the way you celebrate her. I linked to an older post about Tomato Tea Sandwiches because I just made them again on Monday - using the knife in the post to slice the tomatoes and cut the sandwiches. It truly is the perfect knife for tomatoes and tea sandwiches (but the giveaway was last year!).

annie said...

Your setting is beautiful!
How very pretty!
It looks serene and sweet and peaceful.
Your tea cozies are just so pretty too, I would not not have thought of using the old linens in that way.
They make your table lovely.
I have enjoyed Tasha Tudor for many years!
I saw her in Victoria magazine years ago.
I loved her dogs, and farm, and her direct simple approach to life.
It is a wonderful life to celebrate!
I love your clip board, and would love to have one!
I also follow you on Facebook.

Cozy Thyme Cottage said...

I love Tasha Tudor and have some of her books. She was an amazing and talented lady to do all that she did. Love your lace tea cozy too and also the embroidered one is very pretty. Thanks for sharing. It would be so nice to win that pretty clipboard! Nancy

Our Hopeful Home said...

I don't have a tea post to share, but I did love reading yours! I love tea cozies as well, they're wonderful on a cold fall/winter morning. I enjoyed your background info about Tasha Tudor, I had never heard of her. We'd love t if you'd share it with our readers at the Vintage Charm Party here
Hope to see you there!
xo Kathleen|Our Hopeful Home

Lady Linda said...

Bernideen, your Tasha celebration is lovely. Isn't it fun to be part of the people who love her and enjoy remembering her? Everything is so pretty. I love your tea cozies....esp the one with the little ladies. So cute. You are very talented. I'm glad you had so much fun.

The Charm of Home said...

I have always enjoyed Tasha's art! Wonderful tea this week! THanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home and hosting!

Two Cottages And Tea said...

Hi Bernideen, I love your tribute to Tasha! What a talented lady and so are you! Please enter me in your drawing. What a darling clipboard! Your tea Cozys are lovely, I especially like the crinoline ladies! Was that new fabric or vintage? I really wanted to join you for this party but I need to get a new laptop before I can post again. I lost all my tea time pics when my laptop crashed! Are you thinking of your brown transferware for fall? I am!

Granny Marigold said...

I'm a Tasha Tudor fan and have some, but not all, her books and books about her. Her birthday is marked on my calendar just like family and friends are.
Please include me in the chance to win the cute clip board.

Ruth W said...

What a wonderful post for a wonderful person. She is an inspiration for many! Love your pretty setting and new tea cozies. Charming! Sorry to be a bit late...fighting a smoke induced sinus infection, so a bit behind.Thanks so much for linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

janice15 said...

It looks just lovely Bernideen. I love the table and chair set.. and the sweet tea cozies.. I barely know about Tasha Tudor. Only learned about her few back. I enjoyed my visit. Happy Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and Friday hehe ... with Love Janice

Parsimonious Perfection said...

What a treat your garden tea is, and I adore those tea cozies! Everything is lovely! Such a beautiful tribute!

Karen Andreola said...

What a beautiful array of decoration for your celebration. The tea-cozy is especially lovely with its embroidery. I first read about Tasha Tudor in a magazine and then bought "Drawn From New England" written by her daughter. I have the books that were published subsequently but still prefer "Drawn. . " Thanks to Tasha Tudor I was able to bring up my children on beautiful picture books of prayers, poems, and stories, with her pictures of simple country life. Karen A.