Tuesday, December 11, 2018


I have some more photos to share of
our tour Sunday in St. Louis
in the Lafayette Park area:

 Here is one of the houses
on the tour and you can see
 the line of people waiting
to go inside:

I enjoyed seeing
 many beautiful 

The garden statuary was 
really eye catching:

Quite a few of the larger homes
had their own carriage houses
behind them near lovely gardens:

And a few more of various
houses around:

So you get the "flavor" of this
area and I highly recommend
a visit here if you go to
St. Louis.  Be sure and
see the Lafayette Park area.

Do you know who Lafayette was?

Monday, December 10, 2018


Yesterday I went to St. Louis,
 Missouri to the Lafayette
Park area to visit their
 Holiday Parlor Tour!

My friends and I had
a great time even though
it was cold.  We walked
a lot visiting 10 homes
that were on the tour:

This home below is for sale
if you are interested:  $899,900.
It was not on the tour.

We were glad we all had coats on
because it was chilly.

We picked up our tickets
at the garden house in the
central park area:

The trolley was available to
ride to different designations too:

Mostly, we walked and
were quite tired by the end.

included this home.  Many of
the homes lined up are built in
the "French Second Empire" style.

This was a business on a nearby
side street:

There were row houses and free standing mansions:

I am quite captivated
with all the tall doors:

This was a lovely parlor:

This was a favorite staircase:

This will be a last photo for today
but more to follow:

Thursday, December 6, 2018


I am sharing another day of
Christmas decorating photos:

I think Christmas is a time to surround
ourselves with the things we love - things
that bring joy to the season.  It is snowing
out today here in Missouri and that sure
adds to the Christmas charm!

My Anne of Green Gables tea
cozy is perfect for our snowy day:

Last year I used some remnants of red
toile to make a cover for the footstool:

Love, love, love:

I thought this part of the toile
I recently cut up looked almost
like the nativity:

And that's about it for today!

Wednesday, December 5, 2018


My Nicol Sayre angel
brings me great joy.

I am sharing some more
of our Christmas

I think these 2 little
angels are 
by Teena Flanner.

I am thinking of the song
phrase "these are a few
of my favorite things...".

And one more: