Saturday, August 5, 2017


Welcome to my August
in progress:

Hopefully rain will arrive today as we are
desperately in need of some.  You will
see that in the photos I am sharing - 
the flowers and lawn would love it.

I spoke to an elderly gentleman on the
 phone from the Home Extension Department 
of the University of Missouri and he said the
infestation of Japanese Beetles in June and July
was the worst he has ever seen here.  

This summer I have grown and continue
 grow many 
plants by seed.  

Now you see that we need rain:


Louca por porcelana said...

Your garden is wonderful...Love to visit it!Have a lovely weekend!

Vee said...

I'm hoping that you will get some gentle rains to give your garden and lawns a good drink. It certainly is a beautiful garden for being so new and all, You've done a wonderful job. (I'd like a little rain here as well, It's been close to ten days with only minor sprinkles.)

Beth said...

Your hydrangeas are stunning! In fact, your whole garden is beautiful. Love the pond too. We are very dry as well. We did get 0.9" Thursday for which I am grateful but could use more. I have 4 rain barrels, 55 gallon capacity each. It only takes 0.5" of rain to fill them. They are great for watering, or for adding water to the pond. Japanese beetles have been very bad here too. We are just about done with them, thank goodness (for this year). We hand pick and drown them or smash them. I don't like using pesticides as it is bad for the beneficial insect like the butterflies. We see swallowtails and monarchs, but no caterpillars that I know of. That is very strange - and I DO have the host plants of milkweed (monarch) and dill and parsley (swallowtails). Hope you get a good rain and hope we do too!
Blessings, Beth

ellen b. said...

Hope you get the rains you need and with Vee I hope they are the gentle kind and not the flooding kind. Lovely garden.

50 and counting said...

a lovely garden. I love hydrangeas but they don't survive the winters here.

Gina @ VictorianWannaBe said...

Yes, we got the rain!! Your flowers are shouting for joy, I'm sure! Such lovely photos! Have a great day!

Margie said...

Beautiful! Hope you get some rain soon.

Storybook Woods said...

Beautiful I have just too much shade to have that kind of garden. Enjoy for me ;-) Clarice