Thursday, May 18, 2017


Today I decided to pick peonies rather than
letting them hang to the ground
 in 80 + degree weather knowing 
they would be quickly spent.

It's time to put away that spring daffodil
floral on the front door......all the
daffodils are long gone here.

This is when those cool Colorado nights would
come in handy as they kept flowers from "progressing
along" to full bloom and ending.  I heard it
might snow tomorrow in Colorado though.

Have I showed you the bird bath I
got at an estate sale on the 1/2 day?
Very heavy concrete too for $25.00.

If I was giving out free advice it would
 be this - enjoy
every day of summer as it goes so fast.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

A LOVING BIRDS TEA for "Tea In The Garden"

Sunday on Mother's Day - we had our
very first Hummingbird arrive by our deck.

It seems like a good time to celebrate
all the wonderful birds we love!

We have lovely singing house wrens
 in 3 birdhouses hanging in our yard
 and there is a Nuthatch in the teapot
birdhouse......I can hear tiny babies inside.

The Spider Wort was from my
 Daughter In Law last year.
All the flowers she gave me to
help me get started in a new
garden - are doing well.

I am happy to report there are no 
screaming "Chorus" frogs in
our pond right now. 

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Thursday, May 11, 2017


I love having a vase of flowers on
our entrance porch to greet guests!

I want to really enjoy every step
of the garden journey this year:

My biggest garden challenge lately is
learning to recognize seedlings.  I
find some of them to be harder.
Yes, I marked them but when we had
some terrible rain storms my
system got a little discombobulated!

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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

IN CELEBRATION OF MAY for "Tea In The Garden"

I am so happy that May finally arrived.
Happy spring days are here again.
Almost every birdhouse in our yard
is occupied and unavailable.

We don't have to depend on the 
market for 
flowers for our bouquets - that's
always nice isn't it?

It is so wonderful to see the sunshine too.

Today I am using my Bavarian
 tea set
with wildflowers on it.

 A little collage showing what's blooming:

I recently have enjoyed reviving
an old interest in decoupage and this
was an old hat box I did with Edith
Holden's art by cutting up one of her books.

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Sunday, May 7, 2017


Just a few photos from an Afternoon Tea we
 attended today in Boonville at Turner Hall.
  This was presented by the Cooper County 
Historical Society and was called
 "The History of Fashion" presented 
by Carolyn Miller from Sedalia, Missouri:

Two friends went with my Husband and I - 
 Gina Broadus and also Mary Sandy.
My husband was one of the few
men but he didn't care!

Carolyn shared a wealth of information
on fashion from 1880 -  1970!

Can you imagine wearing 
this under your

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

THE COUNTRY DIARY for "Tea In The Garden"

Today's post isn't in the garden -
 after 10" of rain we had sunshine
yesterday but the ground was very
soft and wet and today - well, more rain coming!

So here we are - inside and dry!
I am sharing some projects I have been
working on - the old fashioned decoupaging
of tins, clipboards, etc.

I love Edith Holden's books and her illustrations
for May are wonderful.  Welcome to May by the way!

I haven't seen the movie about Edith Holden
but would love too as I saw a trailer on
YouTube and it looked interesting.

I am also sharing this chintz Arthur Woods
teapot I found at an antique mall in St. Louis
a while back.  I really had a lot of violet items
but was surprised how few pansy things I owned.
Don't you think these are violas?

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