Tuesday, March 25, 2014

COTTAGE TEAPOTS FOR SPRING and "Friends Sharing Tea"

Good morning and I hope your week is going splendid.  It is spring break here in town so the children are all happy!  I am sharing my little tea time setting:

I now have 3 Japanese cottage teapots that I have acquired at flea markets and I just adore their whimsical style.  The one below left is the largest but really not that big.  I know there are English ones that were made like these but they are much more expensive.

We are at least glad to have spring on the calendar here.  Here are my other two cottage teapots.  I already shared the pink one but how do you like the windmill one?  I have to say, I thought of you Carolyn Aiken when I found it!  (Since you said your Mom was from Holland)  I also have a new vintage chick creamer.  All these vintage items were inexpensive.

So please come sit here by the window.  There isn't much of a view as we are still brown - winter brown.  

Do pour yourself a cup of tea and we shall have a chat.  I know you are anxious for springtime like I am.

Yesterday I made an arrangement in this egg I found for $4.00.  I remember these from my childhood in the 1950's.  Grandmothers always seemed to have them.

I hope you will join me today if you are a blogger and
 have a posting about tea - just link at the bottom:

I shall be joining some blogging friends at other parties too:


Ruth Weston said...

Hi Bernideen. I LOVE cottage ware! It is so cute and yours are wonderful! Love your window tea alcove. The egg arrangement is so cute! Thanks for hosting and have a wonderful week. So nice to join you for tea!

Butterfly 8)(8 Bungalow said...

Gorgeous! I love the house teapots and the rabbits!

Beth Laverty said...

Love your little teapots. Cottages are a favorite form of decoration for me and what can be better than a cottage teapot!

[email protected] Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Your teapots are really cute, Bernideen! A lovely springtime table. I would rather have brown on the ground than what we're supposed to get tomorrow! Alas, we have a monster snow storm on the way. Supposed to be the worst this year, maybe the worst in years. Someone forgot to send Winter a memo in our part of the country! So, what am I doing today? Baking, trying to get some goodies ahead in case of power outages. Hopefully, it's the last blizzard for this year. Thank you for sharing and joining me for Tea Time.


kitty said...

Hi Bernideen,
You share the prettiest tea vignettes! I adore your cottage teapots (sigh!). They are some of my favorites of yours. Your arrangement is just so perfect for your whimsical table. Thank you for hosting your party. xo

Shelia said...

What a beautiful spot! I love those darling little tea pots and your tea table is so pretty. Hope you're doing well.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Karen said...

Hi Bernideen,
Your tea time is so lovely today. That egg vase is gorgeous. Love the feet! It looks Bavarian. Your teacups, teapots and tablecloth are all very pretty and springlike. Thank you for hosting Friends Sharing Tea. Have a wonderful week! Karen

Kathryn Ross said...

Delightful springtime whimsy tea theme this week, Bernideen! I think I would love to take your little chick creamer home to meet some of my whimsy finds! I have a couple teatimes with fun pots, cups, creamers and sugars I'm planning to feature in the months to come. Just trying to get on the other side of COLD.

I hope you'll link into my new linky hub for All Things Bright and Beautiful - illustrating the lines of the hymn of that name with posts from this past month. Sort of an "encore performance" of your favorite works. Hope you drop by! Joy!

Judith @ Lavender Cottage said...

As always, a sweet tea vignette Bernideen. You made a nice arrangement in the egg and the whimsical teapots are perfect for a spring tea.

Johanna Gehrlein said...

Dear Bernideen,
this tea table is colorful like spring is. I love the whimsy tea pots, the beautiful egg case and the bouquet. And the chick creamer is just cute. All looks very nice together and says Easter to me. Thank you for sharing this table and for hosting this sweet event.
Best greetings, Johanna

Terri said...

Hello Bernideen,
What a lovely tea table! I think it is very cheery and just right for spring. The tea pots are each wonderful. You have a fine little collection. The tea cups are beautiful. I am really taken with the minty green one! Oh my!
Your new egg arrangement looks lovely too!
Hope you are having a good springtime,

Donna G said...

Those cottage teapots are so cute, as well as the chick creamer. I also noticed the pretty pink lilies; I know they will help you hold on until the real ones get there! You find the prettiest tea things, enjoy!

Vee said...

So delightfully springy that it makes me grin and now I must find my little chickie creamer. She's hiding somewhere...

Deborah Montgomery said...

Love those little cottage teapots. they're so cheerful and homey. And I love the flower arrangement in the egg. And, of course, the embroidered tablecloth is lovely. Thank you for hosting Bernideen!

Carolyn said...

Hi Bernideen,
Your tea setting is beautiful once again! I think I will pour my tea from your sweet little windmill tea pot...it makes me smile to think it reminds you of me.
Thank you for hosting,

Angela McRae said...

I love your "egg" arrangement ... may have to try something like that in an egg cup if I can go tiny enough! And by the way, the large, chintz type teacup in your header ... I saw on eBay today where one like it had sold for $65 -- seems like I recall you got yours for a much better bargain!

Jeanette Ann O'Donnell said...

How lovely your tea is with the lovely cottage tea pots. I have one of those as well. They remind me of my Grandma who had the English tea pot,sugar bowl and milk jusg set and biscuit barrel.I am visiting from Ivy and Elephants and I am now your newest follower. :)

Snap said...

Bernideen, What a fun post! I love your cottage teapots. I remember the eggs. Such a pretty spring teascape. Love the teacups ... especially the green one (green is my favorite color). Happy Spring and Happy Tea Day! Thank you for hosting.

Kathy A Delightsome Life said...

Hello Bernideen, your cottage teapots are so charming - I love your teacups too - always a delight to join your party - it was just warm enough for my daughter and I to enjoy a lunch outdoors - I am delighted to join your party,

Susan Clayton said...

What a delightful table you're set. I have a couple cottage teapots - gifts from my children during their childhood and I love them. The windmill is darling! Love it all. I would be to busy cooing over the vintage goodness to notice weather!

Bernideen said...

Hi Angela:
Have you recovered from all that fun at the "retreat"? Wish I could have joined you all.
My high end amount I would pay for a cup and saucer is like $20.00 and that would be very rarely and only if I was keeping it for myself. (not retail) I just got a Shelley for $8.50 and sold it for $31.95. Actually, most of our hand painted ones - and we have quite a few now to sell - we sell for $28.95. I saw the same Shelley for $118.00 on another bloggers site. I imagine she still has it and mine is gone. I only buy English now both for the store and personally. We have many lovely decal ones for $24.95 - 28.95 at the store.
The new decal ones are 28.95 and plain. That is how I got into this about 2 years ago now - the older are so much more lovely! I have a theory that the reason I find so many English here in our area is because of all the military presence here. I think they brought them back from England. When I go to the midwest I only see a few here and there. For your arrangment you need really tiny flowers - they call them "wood" flowers.

Cozy Thyme Cottage said...

Love that embroidered tablecloth! Can't wait till spring! Nancy

Nancy's Notes said...

Oh my, I just love your tablescape, it's beautifufl! Your cottage teapots are just lovely, you are certainly ready for a spring tea party, I'm so happy to be joining in on your party, so happy to be here.


Marilyn said...

Your table is so springy. I love it!
I saw a cottage teapot at an antique mall on Sunday, but passed it up.
Really I can't add anymore, my house is brimming with teapots and cups.
Now seeing yours, I wish I looked closer. Oh well!

Rosemary and Thyme said...

Your teapot collection is lovely Bernideen. Love the egg flower vase. Very unique and charming. Thanks for hosting. Happy spring to you.


Maria Brittis said...

I was trying to link up my tea cups but the photo did not appear, its called floral inspired tea cups, let me know if you see the photo,otherwise you can delete and I try again

Lady Linda said...

I just LOVE all your teapots and everything. We like so many of the same things...I have that little chick pitcher in my Etsy shoppe. I keep thinking I should pull it out! LOL
Happy Spring dear friend.