Thursday, February 27, 2014


I ran in the market for some things for dinner and spotted the reduced floral section with some roses:

I am working on projects in every
 direction as I sew at home today.

While at the market I picked up a copy of "Where Women Create" and there was a feature on JUNE from Laughing With Angels.  You need to see it of course!  This is lovely!

Hope your day is lovely!

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Monday, February 24, 2014

TRYING NOT TO HURRY SPRING for "Friends Sharing Tea"

Here in Colorado I know how winter works.  It will be here for quite a while.  Actually, many of you will be showing daffodils and tulips in your gardens and we will still have snow coming so I must be prepared for that.   First I want to show you the Hawks that were sitting behind  our house  yesterday morning - watching the squirrels.  As you can see it was foggy in the morning and they live just a few trees down way up above the green belt.

This was the other one below and they sat there for an hour watching the squirrels and I was surprised they didn't go for one.

I am a person who gets rather restless in winter but I have found that a good way to cope is have plenty of books on hand and also spend time learning new things.  This winter I have done quite a bit of sewing which I have shared on this blog.  I brought home some boxes to reorganize my sewing so I could find things better.  I love things organized.  Will you join me here for a cup of tea? I have an old vintage topper here on my kitchen table to share:

I have a lot of reading going on at one time as I have been reading "A Fine Romance" by Susan Branch.  At times I can hardly put it down but have to remember I have work to do so it is taking me a while to read it! I think she has delightful personality which brings great fun to the book.  I love it that she is so down to earth, friendly and practical.

 I also got a copy of the "Unofficial Downton Abbey Cookbook" for my birthday which is also delightful.  There are no pictures but the information is very interesting if you are a Downton Abbey Fan.  If you have been watching PBS you are now through the entire season 4.  Now we wait and wait and wait!

It's time for "Friends Sharing Tea" which means that I would love to have you join me by posting something from your blog about tea and linking here at the bottom and including a link to me on your posting.  I hope you week is splendid.

The third person to link below is KITTY AT KITTY'S KOZY KITCHEN and she turned 65 today 2-24-2014.  Please go wish her a HAPPY BIRTHDAY as she loss her husband a while back and is facing this birthday without him!  Thank you!

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Thursday, February 20, 2014


From time to time over the years I have made tea cup wreaths for my shop.  I have been making them this week so I thought I'd share a few.  This is a nice way to use a cup which has lost its saucer.  It seems like we all have some!  Also, you can use creamers and lidless sugar bowls!

I really don't like the look of slat board but is is helpful in a shop where you are constantly hanging things on the walls.

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Monday, February 17, 2014


There are several historic birthdays that come our way...turning 40 and then 50 and well, for me now turning 65!  The week has finally come and I can't escape.

What would you want for birthday #65?   Well, I have been dreaming of some Beatrix Potter Figurines for a long time so I now have five.  These were hand selected from a case and are from  1951 - 1989.  I just love looking at them.  All my earlier window shelf forced bloomers are down in the basement now so I did get one new tulip pot at the market to bring some springtime back inside.

All of our snow has melted but perhaps more will come this week.  I have set the table with a little vintage "children's theme" hand embroidered topper and 2 vintage cups and saucers.  My old topper has many little birds on it. The cup and saucer on the left is English "Crown Staffordshire" and is hand painted and the one on the right is English "Victoria" and hand painted.  I hope you can sit and have a cup of tea with me!

Today I am posting "Friends Sharing Tea" which is my weekly blog party about anything to do with tea or baking!  Please join in by linking at the bottom any post you may have about tea!  Please include a link on your blog to this post!

I want to share with you a wonderful link I just found especially if you collect Royal Albert because it has loads of information:

Since we are stuck inside this time of year there are some fun things we can do:  reading, baking, crafting, sewing and how about this:  write a letter to some elderly non computer person.  Now that would be a lovely gesture. 
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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Saturday, February 15, 2014


During all these snowy days - I've been getting some sewing done. I'm not all that crazy about being down in the basement but at least no one sees the mess.  I have been making purses and tote bags for my shop:

Hope your weekend is lovely!

Monday, February 10, 2014

ROMANCE IS IN THE AIR for "Friends Sharing Tea"

Welcome to Friends Sharing Tea and welcome to the week of Valentines Day.  For some reason I always go full speed ahead with WHIMSY when it comes to Valentines Day decorations:

I have to imagine it has to do with with trying to find some visual entertainment here in our long cold winter!  The buffet has been taken over by whimsy for sure!  The dining room remains a little calmer:

I made a comment on my blog that I tend to get bored this time of year - maybe restless is a better word because we can't be out in our gardens!  Or some of you may miss camping, hiking and using your barbecue.

Sandi at Rose Chintz Cottage HEARTS AND FLOWERS TEA is also have a special tea blog party so please visit her:

I am also sharing this post at: A Delightsome Life At Return to LovelinessTea Cup Tuesday with Martha and Tea Cup Tuesday With Terri too! Also Tuesday Cuppa Tea With Ruth

  I am hoping you tea bloggers will join me by linking below and presenting your post from your blog.  And it would be nice if you would include me in a link on your blog as well!  I am so glad to see others of you who have this tea set or parts of it as it is such fun.

Friday, February 7, 2014


Are you doing any sewing this winter?  I decided to sew some purses for my shop this week using old fabrics I have picked up while antiquing.  Vintage textiles have so much more character and I love the old doilies, vintage hankies, embroidery and buttons which can be used to embellish them.  My husband thinks I've lost it because as I am sewing I am listening on the radio to COWBOY MUSIC!  Therefore - these are VINTAGE PRAIRIE PURSES!

Since I am making up my own pattern, my first purse (just above) came out rather large.  Actually I think "bigger ladies" look better with bigger purses!  I just need a bigger lady!  The one below was really a better size in general and so this size will be the one I will make from now on.   I have a passion for these pansy doilies.

 It is very cold here and has snowed almost every day this week.  Now it is starting the melt a bit so it is a perfect time to sew.  Now the little smaller but still big size below:

One example of old fabrics that are unique are old drapery panels that are still in great shape.  Also, old bed covers are lovely fabric sources for cutting up.  This pink fabric is an old bed cover and I have lots of it to cut up so I made 2 out of the pink.  Yes, that's a potholder on the front - from the flea market!

I have to tell you I am as guilty as anyone about collecting things for sewing and I am well aware that is the easy part. Do you have lots of fabric, etc. just waiting for something to happen!  Maybe the "sewing fairy" will come tonight while you are sleeping. When you are taking the old pieces and creating something out of them means you are finally getting down to business!  It was time to make a bunch of purses  with my collection of fabrics, doilies, hankies, old buttons and linens.  I will be selling most of these - but keeping 2. I wish I had more done but these take longer to make than a simple tote and are lined with inside storage pockets.   One more out of old chintz: 

 And the back side of all of them:

 Actually - once you get started and make one thing you feel so much better and baby YOU ARE ON YOUR WAY!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

ROMANCE IS IN THE AIR for February 11 Blog Party

Don't miss out on the fun...make plans now to post a special Valentine Tea for Friends Sharing Tea next Tuesday.  Would love to see what you design for this special tea!  Feel Free to copy this "invitation" below for your blog!

Also: my friend Sandi at Rose Chintz Cottage is having a tea as well and we shall be joining her.