Friday, March 19, 2010


Queen Victoria was the first to drop a slice of lemon into an English teacup. She tried it while visiting her married daughter in Germany - and loved it!

(Photo of teacups and accessories available at Bernideen's)


[email protected] Rose Chintz Cottage said...

A slice of lemon in a cuppa tea is lovely! Have a beautiful day.


[email protected] said...

I am sipping on a nice cup of Earl Grey right now while catching up in Blogville!

Rostrose said...

Hello, I know I am a little bit early for Pink Saturday-greetings - but I had to make my posting on Friday (because tomorrow we celebrate the birthday of my daugther with the grandparents...). Beverly remembered us there is a weekly challenge to visit and introduce "a Pink Saturday participant that you have never visited"... so today I visit and introduce you and your pretty blog! :o) It's really nice here!!! Lots of hugs from Austria, Traude

Martha said...

Welcome to Pink Saturday -- I love lemon in tea (both hot and cold) and studded with cloves makes hot tea even more special!

Johanna said...

Hello, I came via Rostroses Blog to yours and enjoyed it very much. Its hard to say, which of this perfect decorated tables I liked at most. This pansy theme is very cute. This artfully made crochet mat and the the panys patterned porcelain makes a gorgeous tablescape. I love also the rose decorated porcelain, as I like everything with roses on it. My english is not good enough to tell you, how much I admire your Blog. But I will come back.

Wish you a sunny weekend, yours Johanna