Thursday, March 18, 2010


As Easter approaches you might consider offering both hot and cold tea- according to your weather!  Did you know snow is in the forecast in Colorado for tomorrow March 19th? Generally, we can get the most snow in March. Some of you might enjoy your Easter luncheon out of doors if you are in a southern climate!  Here in Colorado our frost date is later in May and we can often have snow in April. I have seen it snow in May and people have told me it snowed in June before!


Vintage Linen Treasures said...

Very Cute Easter table. The Beatrix Potter tea pot is so cute and perfect for spring and Easter. I recently had a Tea Part and I served both hot and cold tea. The weather is right in the middle hear in San Antonio.
Patricia :o)
PS: I posted about it if you're interested.

Marilyn said...

I serve Easter tea for my family and a few friends, but for sure it will be indoors. If it isn't raining the egg hunt will be outside.

Carolyn said...

Pretty Easter table! Your weather sounds familar.


La Tea Dah said...

Tea indoors with the sunshine streaming in --- and a few snowflakes in the air --- sounds perfect to me! I love your tea table!


Gracious Hospitality

[email protected] said...

I've always loved Easter pictures of children in their spring clothing among beautiful gardens. Where I live, it might be just getting a little warm (we have snow in the forecast!) but when we lived in Michigan, there was often snow on the tulips. :)

Easter would always be hot tea around here.