Thursday, July 23, 2009

Harvesting Herbs from Your Tea Garden

"15 Herbs for Tea" by Marian Sebastiano is a small paper book packed full of helpful information. This little books encourages you to grow and dry some herbs for tea. With all the issues of caffeine - this is a terrific idea! Sage means "to be well". I love the Republic of Tea's Blackberry Sage Tea. Sage is so easy to grow and I have already cut mine back several times this summer. What a pleasant smell!

For some great information on lavender see Gracious Hospitality at I recently moved my lavender plant from the front to the back yard so I won't be getting much this year! Next year though!
Nothing is easier to grow than mint! You will find you have to pull it out so that it doesn't take over everything! You can freeze mint in ice cube trays with water for some lovely ice cubes for your ice tea!

To harvest your herbs you may need a food dehydrator in very humid climates. When I lived in Virginia I dried herbs in my oven at 100-125 degrees for 2 hours. The smell is delightful. Here in Colorado we can simply wash them with the water hose and bunch them, rubberband and hang them up to dry. If you are going to use them later they need to be put in plastic cartons after they are dry and kept out of light. You can also freeze them in ziplock bags.


parTea lady said...

Lovely photos of the herbs in your garden. Great tips for drying and storing them too.

Storybook Woods said...

I have been drying lemon verbena and lavender. In winter they always remind me of summer. I will check out 15 herbs for summer. Clarice

Miss Jen said...

How lovely!! :>)

Southern Touch Catering said...

Neat book, and since I love cooking with herbs, love tea and am a budding avid gardener, I will be looking out for this book.

Angela McRae said...

Great tips for growing and using herbs. Thanks!