Tuesday, June 2, 2009

New Tea Books

Tea with a Twist is a new book that tells you how to cook and entertain with exotic teas from around the world. It is published by Harvest House and written by Lisa Boalt Richardson and Lauren Rubinstein. Contents include information and party ideas for a Flowering Tea Party, Bubble Tea Party, Mexican Fiesta Tea Party and lots more!
An Invitation to Tea first came out in paperback in 1996 and now in lovely hardback. If you have collected Emilie Barnes books like I have you will love the new additions to this book!

Emilie has also written a new devotional book "The Tea Lover's Devotional" which is wonderful. Each chapter is short enough that you can read it in a few minutes. There are recipes and tea ideas also!
(Tea with a Twist is $24.95, Invitation to Tea Hardback is $12.95 and the devotional is $9.95) store: 1-719-447-8844


The Prodigal Tourist said...

We love this type of book, must put it on our list.

Vintage Sandy said...

Your books look delightful think I will have to look for them myself thanks for sharing!!

Miss Jen said...

So lovely!!!! :>)

Allidink said...

Thanks so much for recommending these books! I am always so glad to find out about great tea party books :)

All the best,

Andrea said...

I love Emilie Barnes! Thank you for sharing.

I adore all the little "birds" and "butterflies" you have.



Anonymous said...

What a lovly post...thank you for sharing...going to try to find "The Tea Party Devotional" book...Love to have that. I want to express my thank for you sweet comment way back on my Birdfeeder tea cup. After post a comment...my computer went out...had to get it repaired...went through red tape...you what I mean. They didn't want to be responsible...I had warranty. Now I got it fixed and it was resolved. Thanks again...Smiles and Hugs..Katherinellen

oma aka meme said...

thanks for sharing the tea books- I love both tea and books so this blog was my cup of tea.I found some green tea with raspberry flavor- fake flavor but still flavor--LOL. It is good both cold and hot. It is tough to have tea parties in our area as so many gals are coffee fans.
have a great tea time. hugs from Meme

parTea lady said...

These look like great books to add to my tea library.

Storybook Woods said...

Oh these look really wonderful. I am especially interested in the devotional book. Thank you for posting about it. Clarice

Sheri said...

Thanks for sharing these books! I would love to find the devotional.