Friday, July 1, 2016

PROGRESS ON THE POND for "Tea In The Garden"

On Friday June 24th, a crew arrived to clean our koi pond.  As it turns out, we have no koi - we have gold fish.   We are perfectly alright with that!  The men removed  all the fish, green algae water, the monster overgrown lily and  made a waterfall at one edge so we are talking an all day project.  On Monday of this week - the fish were put back in the pond and the final touches made.

 I set up a little tea outside this morning and also I wanted to
share this sweet quilt I found recently in the tiny town
of Odessa, Missouri at the Silver Fox Antique Mall.

 The day we were there the tea room was closed so we hope
to get to go back another time to visit!

After I took these photos we went back to the
"rock place" and got a few more stones and
replaced the wood piece on top of the waterfall
with several pieces of stone.  As you
can see I have a new frog birdbath and
"thinking man frog" over to the left who I
like to imagine is pondering about "Jeremy
Fisher's outfit.   There is also a new
 snail and a turtle in the back right.

I ordered these new Campania pieces weeks ago
 to add to the ones we brought here in March from Colorado.

It seems that everything we do is taking t i m e and involves a wait!  For example, we have no sofas in our living room - and won't get them until the end of August.  We have 2 folding chairs set up there.

The plant you see below is called "water lettuce".  So far the
bunnies haven't eaten it as they are taking a toll on things
in the garden lately - especially the cone flowers, monarda,
some wild flowers, clematis and the list goes on. 

Miss Tabitha has joined the other Beatrix Potter style figurines
 in the back yard.
  She is happy to rejoin Peter Rabbit:

Jemima Puddleduck:

I also have a new owl on the wood chair bird feeder:

Today is my "Tea In The Garden" blog party
 so I hope you tea bloggers will join in!
In the mean time - do have a cup of tea.

I knew what I meant when I told you it would be getting very
hot here in Missouri and I worked soooooo hard to get my projects done before that happened!  It was in the high 90's this week and now has cooled down in the high 80's and we
 are almost cold sometimes!  

A special thanks to all you teatime bloggers who can
participate in this party!
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Monday, June 27, 2016


I don't know about you but I always loved the small
independent garden centers.  They seem to put a lot
of passion into their businesses and certainly more
creativity. I love INSPIRATION. 

I am sharing a great place for that today! This
is the nursery known as Vintage Hill Farm
located in the small community of
Franklin, Missouri.  This is just about
32 miles from our home - just west
and north of Columbia.

Several months back we went there
as I wanted to order a few more Campania
pieces for my garden to go near the Koi Pond.

They did a special order for me which I picked up yesterday
afternoon.  I will be showing my pieces for my
Friday "Tea In The Garden" blog party.

I am so sorry to say that I intended to show you
lots of pictures but a much needed rainstorm came
up just after I took these 2 pictures and my photo shoot came
to an abrupt stop!  You can see that it is a creative nursery.

I hope you will join me today for my blog party!
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No Place Like Home

Sunday, June 26, 2016


Hello dear blogging friends and here are the special featured
blogs from last Monday's party:

#1 was Marilyn's post at "Delights of the Heart"
where she shared a post about her trip to Europe
(if you visit her be sure and check out other posts as well)
This was a visit to Fortum and Mason's and their
fabulous window displays

The second one was Jocelyn's post about her
 serene back porch at "Just A little Hospitality":

And since travel seems so prevalent right now -
#3 was "Organic Garden Dreams" who shared
her visit to the The Bridge Tea Rooms at Bradford on Avon:

The 4th one was Ruth's post at "Antiques and Teacups
where she shared everything about Strawberry Picking and this
love strawberry cup and saucer:

#5 was Mimi's post at "A Tray of Bliss" where
she showed us how to make
 Shabby Crepe
Paper Roses:

And last but not least - #6 was Sarah's post
where every all sorts of picnics
were offered at possibilities:

Have a great weekend and I hope to see you back on Monday!

Saturday, June 25, 2016


Today we went to the Columbia Farmer's Market - well, at
least the one off Ash near the ARC:

Off course it was plenty hot in the 90's so one
must keep moving, sweating, making decisions and
getting home to air conditioning.

There was also a display of
tiny houses next door in the field:

This was of course my favorite vendor !

What did I buy?  9 plants, bib lettuce, onions and  cucumber and also a quart of bread and butter pickles and a 1 of pickled beets!

Friday, June 24, 2016

PROGRESS IN THE GARDEN for "Tea In The Garden"

After so much work in very hot weather
now is the perfect time to pause and
 be refreshed with a cup of tea.  This has
been a busy week for us.

Jeremy Fisher knows today is the "big" day!
He will supervise the work.

We have faced the "mountain of dirt" head
on this week and figure we have put in a good
24 hours moving it here and there and mostly
along the banks of the creek behind our house
filling in the low spots.  This was the huge
dirt mountain I created by digging out the yard.  
Glad it is officially g o n e!

 I was very excited to
see that the Queen Anne's Lace seeds I planted
along the creek bank back in May are showing up
as tiny little plants which is the
 way it works the first year.
That means next year those will shoot up and bloom.
The 5 plants I brought with me from Colorado and
planted in my front yard are blooming now.  The
truth is that there is Queen Anne's lace blooming
 everywhere here now - ever side of the road.

Notice a new color on the ladder birdhouses?

Another birdhouse on the side of the yard:

Please pour yourself a cup of tea: 

Yesterday we went to Jefferson City which is the
capitol of Missouri to visit
the Missouri Wildflower Nursery. 
I wanted to see what native plants
they had that would grow
in the shade back by the woods.

Today is a very big day for us as Josiah
 (the professional pond man) will be
coming to completely clean the pond, empty, refill,
 remove fish (not in that order of course) and put in
a pump and cleaning system so that there is
a water effect and clean water.  A little over a
week ago I realized the lily plant had floated
to the top.  It is a huge glob mess - help!
  Josiah will be here soon!

I have been enjoying all this garden
work.  My husband asked me this morning
what I will do when there is nothing left
to do.  There is always something to do - right?

This is a cup and saucer I got for my Grand Daughter "Lily":

And one late photo
of what is being done
right now:

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