Monday, November 20, 2017

THANKFUL FOR FRIENDS for "Friends Sharing Tea"

While some have already decorated for
 Christmas this is the last week to
enjoy the fall decor at our house:

We are excited about bringing the smell
of roasting turkey and pumpkin pie
into the kitchen here this week as
our son and daughter in-law and
two "grands" come for Thanksgiving.

On Sunday I had a tea downstairs
 for some new friends from the church
 we attend.  It was a "Thankful For
 Friends" tea and it was a beautiful
 day to just relax and enjoy the
 calm before the busy week.

That little sign read "Gluten Free"!

So today we are enjoying a
 few leftover
treats from the tea:

Here is the recipe for the
and here is the recipe for
the Chocolate Peppermint Brownies
 I made the brownies in another
 batch using gluten free flour for 
some of the ladies so you can just 
substitute the flour in the recipe.

Wishing you a very Happy 
Thanksgiving here in America! 
Since this week is so VERY busy,
 I will go ahead and post early to
 give more time before our busy 
Thursday for those who participate 
in this tea time blog linking party !
  And as you see I did change my
 header at the top to start moving
toward the new season.

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Wednesday, November 15, 2017


I recently purchased a used book which
I found to be lovely and also refreshing.
It is by Barbara Rainey:

This book was written about 15 years ago
and shares the story of the first Thanksgiving
here in America.

 Did you know that "After 65 days at sea from Plymouth, the Pilgrims caught a glimpse of their destination, the new land where God would be worshiped freely and - in time- where freedom would flourish.  Shouting for joy and falling to their knees to pray, they celebrated by reading Psalm 110!"

Shout joyfully to the Lord, all the earth.  Serve the Lord with gladness; Come before Him with joyful singing.  Know that the Lord Himself is God; It is He who has made us, and not we ourselves.....

I will certainly be celebrating
 Thanksgiving with
a cup of delicious tea:

I will celebrate with these 
that I recently won in a Victoria
Magazine drawing:

I recently had some new friends over
for lunch and Norma gave me this
Shelley Creamer.  I am thankful
for friends - both former and new.

What will you be thankful for this
Thanksgiving?  I hope you can join me
today for my Tea Blog Party below.
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Wednesday, November 8, 2017

SHARING TEA BOOKS for "Friends Sharing Tea"

I love tea books and no matter how many
 I have, I always seem to find another.
These are my cookbooks:

And this area is just for tea books:

So I thought it would be fun
to share just a few of them this
week for "Friends Sharing Tea"
Blog Party.  "The Twelve Teas
of Christmas" is always a favorite
with Christmas coming soon:

Emilie Barnes has gone to be with
 the Lord but she left us with 
 many wonderful teatime books.
  I had the privilege of meeting her
 one time  when she was speaking 
at Glen Eyrie  in Colorado Springs. 
 She told me she had asked if there
 were any tea loving shops around
 and was told  about mine. 
 She talked with my 
husband and I a good hour and 
what a wonderful and humble
 woman of God!  This  book will give
 you so many ideas for Christmastime
 Teas!  This next book is also by
 Emilie and is both practical,
 inspirational and full 
of ideas for tea time celebrations.

The next one I am sharing is "English Tea & Cakes" which is a tea recipe book and has many ideas for tea parties and menus.

Back in 1991 Victoria Magazine came out 
with this next book and it has always been
beloved - "The Charms of Tea" will
be a book you can get lost in...

I remember many years ago being 
very excited to find the same table 
topper that I had seen in
 "The Charms of Tea".

"Let's Have Tea Together" was a sweet
 Holly Pond Hill book by Susan Wheeler.  The photos are darling and the book
 moves through the seasons
 to delight children:

And another Susan Wheeler book "Tea
With Victoria Rose" came out years ago
and was offered at that time with
a small child's teaset.  And I had to
laugh as all this time - I didn't notice
before but the inside of both of 
these the same!

Now I want to share "Tea With Jane Austen" 
because so many of you love Jane's books and the movies made from them:

Kim Wilson's book above has lots 
of fun tea trivia that surrounded 
Jane's life and recipes and ideas.

So now the last one I am sharing
takes us back to Emilie Barnes
and her precious book "The Little
Teacup That Talked"  This is still
available and is a wonderful
and meaningful book for a child:

Well, these are just a few of the books here
as we could spend all day going through
many more but I hope I at least presented
one of two you weren't familiar with!

If you are a tea blogger - 
I hope you can join my party
 today and I will be sharing at:
Tuesday Cuppa Tea
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Monday, November 6, 2017


Yesterday was a misty day and
 it seemed like it might rain.....
a good day even so to go for a ride:

The tiny town of Rocheport
is about 12 miles away with
a population of under 300.
There are quite a few Bed
and Breakfasts there.

This picture is terrible as you can
even see my camera flash from our
car but I loved the exterior:

I always enjoy a stop at this
little antique shop called
"Behind the Times": 

Sunday, November 5, 2017


After a year and a half of settling in 
after moving from Colorado to
Missouri, the inevitable has happened and
we have rented an 8 x 11 stall
at Midway Antique Mall and Flea Market.
It has over 400 dealers and is right  beside 
I-70 on the west side of Columbia.   

Since I love to sew and craft,  I will 
be making things for my booth to sell
 there and of course my passion for 
vintage English teatime wares will be
 in abundance!  Of course I know
 this might not be everyone's
"cup of tea" and that won't hurt
 my feelings -
I will just shut it down!

This place is on a long road that winds up a hill with potholes everywhere and you wonder who the world would go here. You arrive at the top to find the parking lot with lots of cars and when you go inside people are paying for things - always a good sign! 
 I just thought I'd give you a sneak peak here!

 Just because I love something is no guarantee that someone
else will - I sure know that!  This
was a little dresser I decoupaged:

The top of the dresser above - hopefully
someone will love it for their nursery!