Wednesday, July 18, 2018


Yesterday I had some ladies for lunch so
afterwards I was glad these Zucchini 
Cream Cheese Walnut Bars
 were left over.  I never hesitate to
use a coffee pot for tea too!

 As you can see by our lawn color,
we are needing rain badly.  I think
I heard we are 10" behind.  They
are now using the term drought.

After lunch yesterday, I went out
 and set up my tea time
on the patio under the deck. 
Please help yourself to tea
and one of the bars! 

The one flower that doesn't seem to mind
days and days of high 90's heat is the
Zinnia.  My hydrangeas are just
 starting to form blooms.

I baked this same recipe many years
 back so
I am giving the link to the recipe
right HERE! 
I used regular walnuts in this post
but you see black walnuts in the 
former recipe.

This little cookbook (now out of print)
 was where I originally
 found the recipe.

Right this moment we have some
cloud cover above and that really
helps a lot.

These two cups and saucers are
definitely favorites:

I am so thankful for all who 
participate each week in my
 blog link party. 
 Thanks so much.

Also, I have seen on Ruth's
 (Tuesday Cuppa Tea) blog that
her husband is ill - please keep him
in your prayers!

I am also linking at:
Home Sweet Home

Monday, July 16, 2018


Every now and then I will be sharing
changes in my booth at Midway
Antique Mall in Columbia, Mo:

I am located right along I-70
if you cross through the
center of Missouri going
east to west or the opposite.

With a booth (or stall) that is
only 8' wide by 13 ' deep - it is better not
to close in the center area. 

 I think my prices are very reasonable!

  We all have stories
of places we have been where
people just stuff those spaces too full!

As you can see I have some 
lovely teapots and am selling
some I have had for years.
I just have too much myself.

Believe me - primitive is alive
 and well in Missouri so my feminine
appeal is a bit of unchartered

Friday, July 13, 2018


It is so hot in Missouri right now. 
 Everyday it is well up in the 90's 
and we need rain.  One flower that 
doesn't seem to mind is the Zinnia!

We needed something that could take
the heat out by our mailbox!

Hope you weekend is lovely!

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

MARY ANN'S TEA ROOM for "Tea In The Garden"

Like many of you we have been
 busy this summer and have 
had some company so 
yesterday we took our friends
 to Mary Ann's Tea
Room In St. Louis:

We enjoyed a lovely
Afternoon Tea:

The food was delicious although
I forgot to take photos until the
end of the meal.  I thought the
flowers outside were lovely too.

It was a very hot day but we made several
more stops - Lafayette Square area and
also Warson Woods Antique Mall.

Warson Woods is always a favorite:

I love this fun booth:

Because of company,  I haven't gotten
around to commenting myself on those of
you who linked last week - I thank each
one though and will visit you all soon!

Other teatime blog parties include:

Monday, July 9, 2018


Today we took company to the
Yankee Peddler's Tea Room in
Osage Beach, Missouri:

You can  see my friend entering above.

This tea room is much like a trend
across America where tea rooms are
like luncheon cafe's with delicious
salads, soups, quiche and sandwiches,
 etc.  There were quite a few men in
the room and they seemed to really
enjoy the food too.

This was a wonderful find for me
at the tea room as I found a
 plate that matched my
cup and saucer.

Afterwards we went to an antique
shop nearby.  This is like a little
village of wonderful shops.

The food at the Yankee Peddler's is really
quite delicious.  Their presentation is
lovely too and I especially love their
specialty salad with nuts in it.

I will be sharing another tea room next - one
where we will be enjoy true Afternoon Tea!