Saturday, December 3, 2016


Today we got a look at what it would be 
like to live in a small town in Missouri. 
 We attended "Christmas in Boonville".

Our first place to stop was a tour of 
Rosalyn Heights, a 1895 Victorian Mansion
owned by the Daughters of the American Revolution
on Main Street in Boonville.

We enjoyed a lovely soup luncheon with muffins
 and homemade cookies down in the basement kitchen.

Next, my husband went to a Model Train Open House
and I took some photos there and of the parade outside:

As we were leaving we passed a street
 where a lovely church
featured a living nativity:

And up close and personal:

Friday, December 2, 2016

GETTING ON WITH CHRISTMAS for "Friends Sharing Tea"

Being in a different house this Christmas 
means putting things in new places and
 also buying an artificial tree that
 fits into an 8 ft. ceiling.
 Since all the live trees are really full,  we
opted for an artifical 7 1/2 foot slim.

I do love my Nicole Sayre angels:

I had gotten rid of some of my decorations
 before we moved but I'm glad to see I kept 
the most "beloved" items!  Here is the
living room and a thrift Beatrix Potter
 pillow from last year:

Last year we had the "Doll Doctor" repair my Mother In Law's
German nativity set.  Marilyn did a great job restoring many of
the pieces which showed signs of deterioration.

I am hoping you will join me for Friends Sharing Tea
so I include this picture of my some of my
Friendly Village by
Johnson Brothers.  I am on
 the hunt for
the teapot!

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Friday, November 25, 2016


Last year I shared this lovely tea bread
from a recipe I saw on  Lynn Bean's Blog 
so I am sharing it again.  I baked this
 one yesterday on Thanksgiving Day.

I enjoyed getting out some red
transferware yesterday to begin the
 Christmas decorating.
We saw the most beautiful Holly with
red berries a few weeks back in St. Louis
in front of a business.   I wish I had some
 in my yard.  It was all 
I could do to stop
myself from cutting some of it.

I love this older Victoria 
Magazine book
for Christmas .  It is
fun to just sit here by
the fire and read.

I hope you can join me today 
and share 
a tea time posting
from your blog below.
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Monday, November 21, 2016


This post isn't exactly about tea but it is about
 someone from England.  Last weekend we were
 invited to visit the historic Churchill Museum
 on the campus of Westminster College nearby
in Fulton, Missouri.

This is the Tuttle House which houses the
Churchill Institute and you know how I love
these Victorian homes.  Our friend, Dr. Kurt Jefferson
who invited us has his office located here:

Here is a collage of some of the home's features.

Across the street is a church dating back to the
 17th century which was completely
 moved piece by piece from London, England to
 Fulton, Missouri and reconstructed stone-by-stone
on the campus of Westminster College.

  These pictures are of the upper level:

 .......the lower level houses the Churchill Museum
as my husband Keith, his brother Paul and Dr. Jefferson
prepare to enter:

Some of you might recall Winston Churchill's
 famous "Iron Curtain"
Speech was given on the Westminster College
 Campus in 1946.
  (not that you were around then of course)
The collage below
shows him riding in an open car with President
Harry Truman:

My husband and I have recently experienced a
 renewed interest in history - how about you?
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Friday, November 18, 2016

TEA NEAR THE FIREPLACE for "Friends Sharing Tea"

Hello blogging friends!
Today I am sharing a seating area just
 off the kitchen with a gas fireplace which I am calling
my Victorian Parlor.
  The old telephone
 chest is where I keep my teas:

In between the 2 areas is my armoire with 
the fall transferware still out.  I will
be happy to see Thanksgiving finally
come next week and then decorate
for the Christmastime!

This has been a busy week,
as we are getting
 a new roof on our house and  we have 
company for the weekend.  It is
bang, bang and more bang all day!

Do come sit and have a cup of tea:

I am looking forward to putting all these fall things away - 
time for Christmas - right?

I hope you can join me for my party below.
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