Wednesday, January 17, 2018

HOT, HOT TEA FOR COLD DAYS for "Friends Sharing Tea"

"Baby it's Cold Out There" is the perfect song for this weather!

And now let me share a lovely
 poem which
I saw this week on Face Book:

A Loving Recipe for a Perfect Cup of Tea
One willing friend who loves to sit and share,
One grateful heart to have a friend that cares,

One beautiful garden to show us God is near,

Many wonderful memories of times shared throughout the years,

Lots of smiles and laughter to brighten up our days,

Many prayers that we prayed for each other along the way.

~Author Unknown

Let's get together for some hot tea!

I have set us a little table and let
me pour the cups quickly now.....

As we sit and chat I feel sorry for
the little outdoor creatures.  They 
seem quite happy though as long
as there is seed in the feeders.
And we have 4 feeders for the birds
and 1 just with sunflower seeds
for the squirrels.  That's to try and
keep them from swishing the bird
seed to the ground as they pick out
the sunflower seeds.

It is amazing to me how fish can
survive under the ice.  It is frozen
over in the koi pond.  The fish
lie motionless on the bottom.

I seem to have an endless supply of
cookies that I froze at Christmastime
and put in little cartons in the freezer.
Would you like another?

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Monday, January 15, 2018


It was so easy to move when 
we were younger!  2016 was a
 difficult year.
I am so glad it was over when 2017
arrived - so I start with a little
"Friends Sharing Tea" I set up in
the month for January celebrating
Queen Victoria:

February was a time to 
celebrate Valentines Day:

and also my friends Gina and
Janice took me to the
for my birthday:

that is - Paris, Missouri!  There
was an antique show there in a 
school and I found these old
English cottage dishes.

I was able to start up "Tea In The
Garden" which was shocking to me 
as I knew back in Colorado it was
time for lots of snow!

with a bird theme:

July:  It is so 
thrilling to find
flower for bouquets:

when the weather
gets plenty hot:

October was a time for mums:

Well - that's it for 2017.  
I am happily caught up!

REVIEW FOR 2016 - Rather Late!

I realized that I never did a review for
2016 so before I do one for 2017
let's take a look back in time:

We moved to Missouri in 2016 but this
 photo was taken January 4th while
 still in Colorado.  On the 29th we
 planned to close on our Missouri
 home so my husband  drove the first
 truck load from Colorado to Missouri
 and I drove one of our cars.

After staying in Missouri for a week we
headed back to Colorado to pack up more
items and finish getting our home ready to
put it up for sale. It was weird having
furniture set up in 2 houses.  We decided
to leave this deer mount in Colorado:

Time rolled by as we continued to pack
 and my husband did most of that - he 
is a good packer.  We had professionals
 load both of our truck loads and so we 
were ready to leave Colorado on March
 17 and our house went on the market
 that day.   We left early and drove 
straight through and the next day we
started unloading.  It was so weird 
having green grass and seeing this Forsythia in bloom on the 
side of the house.

I loved the new location for my armoire right
in the kitchen.  It was chipped up a bit
but my husband said "hey, it doesn't matter,
it's shabby chic - remember"!


During this entire summer I worked 
very hard digging and working 
on flower gardens.  It was hard
on the knees for sure!


I had to admit that starting from scratch
with gardening was really a challenge.

In June I set up what
I called a sunset tea on
my front walk.

Yes, I was finally getting some
flowers for bouquets too!

On this day in August (below)I set
up a "Tea In The Garden" but later
we dug up that wisteria and moved
the trelis to the other side of the yard.

This month brought the arrival of a
fence for our yard - at least the sides
and later we had them do the back too.

We added an arbor to our yard in October!

November marked a celebration of
the birthday girl Janice on the left.
I met she and Gina (right) through
blogging before I moved to Missouri.
They are terrific friends now!

December was finally here and
the Snowlady was the only snow
for Christmas in Missouri:

Well - now I caught that up 
so I need to do 2017!

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

THE GATHERING OF FRIENDS for "Friends Sharing Tea"

Over the holidays I was invited
to have lunch with tea at Janice's was great fun.  She blogs
at "Curtains In My Tree"  This is
my kitchen table below where I am
enjoying tea now.  Also, you see,
your cup is poured too!

Dear Janice introduced me to some
 books I had not heard about before
 but immediately wanted.

The books are called "The Gathering
of Friends" and there are 7 volumes filled
with recipes and decorating ideas.
They are $32.50 each but I ordered a
used set on ebay.

Let's take a few minutes 
and check out Volume One:

There are wonderful recipes
 to make and decorating ideas
 and table settings.  I could sit here 
for hours just absorbing.  I think
wintertime is perfect for books.

If you want to bake my brownies - 
they can be found here by Brenda 
at Coffee Tea Books and Recipes.
I make these often.

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