Wednesday, May 23, 2018

ENGLISH GARDEN STYLE for "Tea In The Garden"

I adore the charming English Garden
style of mixing 
cottage flowers together.

I found this olde English Daintee Lady
teapot in for all places - West Virginia.

Today we are in the garden
and we can all pretend for a bit
that we don't have a care in
the world.

I hope you like scones because 
I baked
you some - please enjoy!

I think this is what I love about
a garden.  "It is a place to escape
and experience something else
than the usual routine."

Last Saturday our subdivison had
 a garage sale and we participated 
which is not my idea of fun but
I was happy to get rid of some 
unwanted items.  How about you?

We have the feeling we always get
which is that spring has gone way
to fast this year since it came late.

On Sunday it rained all day and all
night which was really too much
for my peonies. 

 Below, I am 
sharing a "new to me" teapot
which is called Chelsea Chintz
by Windor - English.

If you would like to bake these
 Lemon Scones
the recipe can be found here.

I hope you can participate in
my tea related blog party!

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Saturday, May 19, 2018


Everyday is a little
 now in the garden.

It brings me such joy!

We have our first roses blooming
 and wonder when the Japanese
 beetles will come out
of the ground!

Well, my garden is 2 years old so I
am so pleased to see growth and development!

I hope your weekend is lovely!

Thursday, May 17, 2018


Have you noticed how we are all on
 such different schedules for our spring
flowers.  Some of you have even moved
 on to summer flowers and with other's
their spring has just arrived.

I guess here in Missouri it is
some of both!  We had a late
spring and now some very
hot days already.  Mostly,
I love that I can find material
for bouquets again.

Last year was my first attempt to grow
my own foxgloves and not all
survived winter but I have some and
I am so happy about that!

For all their invasiveness - I
hated to say goodbye to the violets!

One last tulip says goodbye...

Now we have irises and the peonies
are beginning to open.

  New seeds
are coming up but sadly
farewell to bulbs.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018


Hello dear blogging friends and
welcome to another "Tea In
the Garden"!

I just noticed that the first official
day of summer is well into June
but we can tell our spring like
weather is being shortlived
here in Missouri.

I am so happy to share the muffins

Her muffins were delicious with
pineapple and banana in them.

It's a lovely day to be outdoors
enjoying the birds and flowers....

Please pour yourself a cup
of tea and let me tell you
a garden secret.  Mostly,
I need to say,  I make lots
of mistakes in gardening but
sometimes I get things right
too!  Ha!  I just figured out
that I could use an umbrella
to shield a transplanted plant
from the sun until it takes hold.
I leaned a shovel across the back
so that it wouldn't blow away.
It worked too!

Like many of you,  I love
these older Victoria issues!

If you do decide to bake Jean's
 muffins,  I

I hope you can join my tea blog party.