Sunday, May 29, 2016


Time to share the special features from Monday's party and they all were so lovely.  Thanks everyone who participates.

Here is the first one - Sonia at "Miss Bloomers"
 shared her lovely Garden walk:

#2 was Cathy at "My 1929 Charmer" who shared her
Master Bedroom Quilt:

#3 was by Elizabeth at "The Daisy Fields"
 and her Wimbledon Cakes:

The 4th one was "Christine's Home And Travel Adventures" where she shared with us a recent Crab Porch Dinner:

#5 was "Thel's Kitchen" with her wonderful
Rhubarb Muffins:

And last but not least of course was #6 Denise's

Thanks to all and have a great weekend!

Friday, May 27, 2016


Last night we had some rain and now the garden is happy!  I barely got the pictures taken which is why you can see the woods in the back are very dark:

We will have a cup of tea before we sing "Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head" as it is starting to sprinkle now!  The purple bush you see is Spirea and it is blooming now.  You may remember that we dug it up from over by the pond where it totally blocked the view.  It seems quite happy out in the back yard now.

 I recall that Cicely Barker was the originator of Flower Fairies and I do so love her books.  I will always remember these as one of my favorite things I sold at my shop and how people loved them.

Cicely's fairies had no ethereal powers but were just for fun.

My garden is beginning to get "set in".  By that I mean new root growth which is so important before the temperature starts to soar here.  By June it will be getting very hot.

 One of our goals here in Missouri is to take a lot of "day trips" around the state.  We did so one day last week and came upon a small town called "Greenwood" where there were 4-5 antique shops.  I found this quilt at one of them for a reasonable price:

And watch out for the butterflies too:

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Monday, May 23, 2016


First of all I want to thank all of you who come and participate in my weekly blog party.  The variety of things shared has been great! 

 This morning, I went out in the garden to take a few photos.  Remember, this is a brand new garden and not a mature one!

 This was not my original idea.  I saw Sherry's ladder (The Charm of Home) and copied her with a little whimsy to boot.  Last week we noticed the antique mall in Jefferson City had so many old ladders. And yes, I even planted a yellow climbing rose bush which will grow up the side. 

Yes, we have bunnies now every day and they sure love to eat certain flowers like Shasta Daisys and Cone Flowers.

This is the Spirea bush (below) that was in front of the pond -
 it survived being moved and now starting to bloom:

 Right now there seems to be a lot of primitive garden items available in the antique and flea markets at very good prices.  The birdhouses I have found were real ones so they are much sturdier than the "craft" type ones for indoor decorating.

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Sunday, May 22, 2016


Dear Friends:
Here are some wonderful bloggers I am featuring
 today from my Monday BTTCG Blog Party!

The first one is talented blogger Dany at "My Little World"  where she carries you away to another time and place.  Dany could truly be picked every week - but that would not be quite fair!  Well she is here today sharing about "A Forgotten Master Painter",  Hugues Merle:

#2 was someone familiar to most bloggers and she is a fabulous baker - that being "Kitty's Kozy Kitchen" with her Strawberry Pie:

The third one was Sharon at "The Blue Willow House" who showed
 this darling idea of how easy it is to transform a Vintage Planter into a Pin Cushion:

The 4th one was Sherry's post at "The Charm of Home"
 where she showed how easy it is to set up
 a little "Tea In The Garden" posting!!!!  I have to tell you
that after seeing the old vintage ladder in Sherry's garden, I went looking for one and found one at an antique mall in Jefferson City, Missouri.  I also found a birdhouse and my Hubby mounted it on top.  Yep, I also copied Sherry's climbing rose idea next to the ladder!  Thanks so much Sherry!

Now the 5th blogger chosen was Jean at "Delightful Repast" who shared her homemade Meyer Lemon Curd and walked us through all the steps to make it.  Believe it or not - I did make this once!

The last one was "Mz. Witherspoon's Cottage" where Janice 
did a lovely post as she shared an old Victoria Magazine:

Thanks everyone for participating and I hope you
 will join me again tomorrow morning!  

Friday, May 20, 2016


 We have some lovely flowers blooming and they loved the Thursday warmer weather.

 And as I am backing up a little more and I see I didn't get the lace bedcover on straight!  Some of you remember when I found this table and umbrella frame last year in Colorado.

Monday and Tuesday we found out that it can still get cold here in Missouri and it rained both days. The heat came back on inside our home. Finally, the sun came back out on Wednesday which was wonderful.   We just love that sunshine don't we?  

It looks like I forgot to use that new green vintage vase -
 maybe next time!

As I set up a little tea time outside I remembered that our yard slopes down so I had to do a little straightening of my photos.  In about a month we will be having some landscape work done here.

This week we met with a nice man named Josiah who will be cleaning out our Koi Pond.  As far as we know, it has never been cleaned and we see it needs a filtering system to keep it cleaner so he will be taking on the job. 

We were reading on line and realized we need some water flowing to keep the algae from growing (putting more oxygen in the water).

This is the creek at the back of the yard
 where the birds bathe everyday!

And some of the flowers blooming:

Please do pour yourself a cup of tea!  Stay a while and relax.
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